Snaith & Cowick Charity in Need

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This charity has, in various forms, been in existence for over 100 years. It is a little known charity and with this in mind, the Trustees have decided to give it a wider profile. The charity is in place to help with one-off requests from an individual or family who find themselves in need of help for reasons beyond their control. It can help with on-going hardship, for a limited period of time. Special one-off payments can also be made to relieve sudden distress. The charity can also help if you have difficulty affording educational resources, or travel to a place of study. 

Applicants must be a resident of Snaith, East or West Cowick. Please click on the link below to download the application form. Forms are also available from the Library and The Marshes Surgery. 

Snaith & Cowick Relief in Need Application Form

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